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Lisa Mason's News – 06/28/15

The manhunt is over for the remaining escaped killer in New York. One was shot and killed, the other shot and captured. These guys escaped THREE WEEKS ago, but they only got 30 miles away from the ...Read more

Lisa Mason's News – 06/16/15

Tropical Storm Bill is poised to flood Texas. Bill? What kind of a scary storm name is that? Bill sounds like your drunk uncle who can’t even be trusted to bring ice to your 4th of July ...Read more

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  • The Grateful Dead Say Farewell: The View From the Balcony
    In 1968, only three years into their long, strange trip, the Grateful Dead came up with a radical idea for sharing their already singular, performing alchemy. Instead of taking their live experience to America city by city, they would bring the multitudes to the mountain. "We used to fantasize about...
  • Dr. Dre Reveals His 'Pharmacy' Beats 1 Premiere Date
    One of the biggest exclusives on the newly launched Apple Music was the opening of The Pharmacy, a Beats 1 radio show hosted by Dr. Dre. At last, the Doctor has announced his office hours: The Pharmacy will debut July 4th at 6 p.m. EST. The hour-long program will broadcast new...
  • The Dead Live Again: What's Changed (and What Hasn't) at Soldier Field
    Last night, the surviving "core four" members of the Grateful Dead began their three-night stand at Chicago's Soldier Field after two earlier, quasi-warmup shows in Santa Clara, California, the weekend before. With it came the return not only of a certain sound — in last night's case, the loose-and-nimble jamming...

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