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12-10-13 Please don't let Biden scerw this up.

by Lisa Mason posted Dec 10 2013 8:08AM
I love a country where you can hold a funeral and a soccer chant breaks out! And people say WE take football too seriously? Nelson Mandela’s memorial is being held in the FNB Stadium in Soweto, it’s packed with presidents, kings, regular people … and Jimmy Carter. Any world leader watching the memorial in FNB should take note: in order to get a send-off like Mandela’s, you must do something extraordinary. Which guarantees you will never get a send-off like Mandela’s.  
President Obama flew to the service at FNB with Michelle, Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush. Can you say “awkward flight?” What do you call a man sitting on a place with three powerful women? A guy trying to revise FAA laws so he can smoke in the bathroom.  Meanwhile Joe Biden is set to speak at Nelson Mandela’s memorial. Someone please explain to him that Morgan Freeman is not dead so we can avoid an international incident.
Even though Congress is supposed to be hammering out a Farm Bill deal that would stop the price of milk from doubling, many of them are attending Nelson Mandela’s funeral and no work is being done. So, it’s pretty much business as usual.
Once again youth evangelist Matt Pitt faces charges of impersonating a police officer. The case in Jefferson County, identical to the one in Shelby County, will now go before a grand jury. Pitt’s cousin testified on his behalf saying Pitt only flashed a deputy badge “to prove he was a good guy.” His “good guy” badge has been replaced by one that says “WTF?”
A 6 year old Colorado boy is trying to save NASA. He’s offered the contents of his piggy bank to the president: the princely sum of $10.14. I have a feeling Obama used it to buy a coke at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. You know how those stadiums overcharge …
The Hoover Board of Education last night voted to reinstate bus service for next school year. They want to charge fees for students riding the school bus, something of a legal grey area. School officials say they spoke to federal officials and have found a way to implement the fees without it being totally illegal. Anytime you call the Feds to find a way around a legal issue, you’re destined for higher office.
Due to snow and ice, federal offices in DC are closed today. No work is being done, so it’s pretty much business as usual.
And a few things you need to know…
This day back in 1901, the very first Nobel Peace prizes were handed out. The fact that the Nobel Committee DOES, in fact, simply hand out the awards really peaces me off.
On this date in 1898, the Spanish-American war ended, except in parts of East LA. 
Number one movie in the country -- "Frozen." Number one weather situation in the country -- frozen. Coincidence? Actually, yes it is.
George Zimmerman has asked for a court order to allow him contact with the girlfriend who claimed he shoved a gun in her face. SHE wants charges dropped. I guess it’s the only way to get an assisted suicide these days.  
Sarah Palin has signed onto do an outdoors show on The Sportsman Channel. It’s called "Here Comes Hunting Boo Boo"?  
104 cities in China are reporting air pollution levels that are 12 times the recommended limit. People would get out and protest, but they'd never survive.
Heart and the Barenaked Ladies have joined Willie Nelson in canceling performances at SeaWorld out of concern over the park's use of killer whales. They’re getting a lot of criticism. C’mon! Where’s the hu-manatee?
Former San Diego Mayor Bob “Gropey” Filner has been sentenced to 3 months of house arrest, but a spokesman said he's happy to be spending lots of time with his kids and grandkids. Spending lots of time with his kids? He was sentenced to house arrest. It took a court order to make him spend more time with his kids!
And … the guy famous for cutting off his own arm after a horrible rock-climbing accident that inspired the movie "127 Hours" has been arrested for domestic violence. Dr. Richard Kimble expressed anger, saying “When I tried 'The one-armed man did it' excuse, no one believed me!”
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12/10/2013 8:09AM
12-10-13 Please don't let Biden scerw this up.
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