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12-16-13 Here's where you scoll to for Monday's news.

by Lisa Mason posted Dec 16 2013 7:17AM

If you’re one of the ones who keeps tabs on the Celebrity Death Triangles. The latest has Peter O Toole, Joan Fontaine and the guy who shot a student at Colorado’s Arapahoe High. Karl Pierson’s actions last Friday have Colorado already considering new weapons bans. Pierson had three Molotov cocktails, how does one really regulate rags stuffed into liquor bottles?

The Heisman memorial trophy annually recognizes the outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity. Yep. FSU’s Jameis Winston DID handle his criminal investigation pretty smoothly.

Rumors are that ever since his heart transplant, former VEEP Dick Cheney has been haunted by the ghost of the Tea Party heart-donor. 

A new health study has shown that those males who don't wear shirts at 20-degree college football games grow up to be senior citizens who wear 2-coats over a sweater on a 95-degree day.

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un had his uncle executed, but his Aunt still has her government job. That’s going to be a pretty awkward Christmas dinner.

Tomorrow’s mega millions lottery drawing is now worth 550 million dollars. If you win, please remember you were ALWAYS my favorite!

And a few things you need to know …

The Boston Tea Party took place on this date in 1773. A group dumped 45 tonnes of tea into Boston Harbor while dressed as Indians. At first, the British thought the Village People were behind it. 

Madonna has broken up with her 30-year-old boyfriend. No big loss. She'll just go Christmas-shopping for a new one on the Island of Misfit Boy-Toys.

Harvard students have voted to ban bottled water from being sold on campus. Aren’t you happy you held on to that water bucket stock?  

China has landed a Lunar Rover to the Moon. An hour later, it’ll have to land again.

For those who just don’t spend enough time playing with their phone, Instagram has added private messaging.  So you can see pictures of your buddy’s food without having to scroll down.

And … I haven’t verified if this is true, but I came across a list of odd Christmas traditions. In Spanish Catalonia there is a holiday tradition to hide a clay figure of someone defecating in every Nativity Scene. The figure is known as the Caganer, or “Christmas Pooper.” It gives a whole new meaning to the term “Yule Log.” So if you're traveling to Spanish Catalonia for Christmas, you probably want to skip the LIVE Nativity Scenes.

And …I probably need to apologize to the guy who works at the Cullman Taco Bell. Almost everywhere you go this time of year, you’re asked to donate to #Cause. I was getting a drink after my broadcast Saturday and was asked, “Would you donate a dollar to help a teen graduate?” What? It kinda caught me off guard. Usually it’s Salvation Army/UnitedWay/food drive sort of groups. I asked the cashier, “What? Do I give a teen a dollar and that will make them study?” I’m pretty sure my Diet Dr. Pepper came with a booger in it.

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12/16/2013 7:17AM
12-16-13 Here's where you scoll to for Monday's news.
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