Lisa Mason

Hi! I’m Lisa Mason. I was born in Huntsville, Alabama and studied theatre at Samford University. So. Origins are taken care of, what next?

I spend much of my day playing tug and catch with my demanding dog, Hera. I also sleep on 10% of a king-sized bed because it’s Hera’s house and we just kind of live here. My
husband, Trap, is surprisingly tolerant of this. Especially since he only gets 1/8 of my 10%.

I can’t cook, I’m always cold and I love to go shooting.

Hobbies include; buying things for Hera, film, yoga, football, boring people with numerous photos of Hera and occasionally playing with fire.

I’m a proud nerd. Learning new things makes this world go round. I love sci-fi and my parents could never punish me by sending me to my room because I’d just go in there and read a
book … as I was going to do anyway.

I’ve appeared in several indie films, my favorite being Crewless Production’s “Interplanetary” in which I play the worst boss ever.
One of my proudest achievements came when I found a copy of “Interplanetary” in the Walmart DVD clearance bin. When your film makes it into the clearance bin alongside classics like “From
Justin to Kelly” and whatever Adam Sandler just did; you know you’ve done a beautiful thing. I’m currently in production on the first screenplay I’ve ever written which entails turning my
basement into a terrifying laboratory. Again, Trap is completely cool with this. We actually met on the set of my first film, if you’re one of three people who saw it then you know why he’s my
favorite monster!

Favorite bands? Cheap Trick, Led Zep, and ACDC. Most days I wish I was actually IN ACDC … because then I’d be on tour instead of sitting here working on my computer when there’s a
perfectly beautiful day going on outside.

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