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LMN 1-20-14 MLK JR DAY Edition!

by Lisa Mason posted Jan 20 2014 6:44AM
Don’t check the mail, it’s not coming. Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day! Don’t forget to honour Dr. King by going on Facebook and just copy/pasting something he said.

The Superbowl-bound Denver Broncos are riding high today! Granted, they’re riding high EVERY day because weed is legal in Colorado.

People living in Mark’s Village will soon be moved by the Housing Authority. The Gate City apartments were the site of last month’s deadly explosion that left surviving residents complaining about the dangerous living conditions. NOW residents are complaining that they could be moved someplace even worse, like the Downtown DMV.

Breaking news this morning from the State Department. John Kerry has announced a major breakthrough in negotiations, with both sides agreeing to a 2-party solution where each faction recognizes the other side's right to exist. Now, we just have to see if Justin Bieber and his neighbor can make it work.

The former Homewood pastor accused of murdering his wife, is out of jail. 53 year-old Richard Shahan bonded out Friday but had to surrender his passport, must wear an electronic monitoring device and is required to live with his mother in her Homewood apartment. His mom is less than thrilled; as her son’s roommates tend to be on the unlucky side.

Turns out that the NSA has been collecting roughly 200 million text messages every day! And those are just the ones from movie theaters! I'm texting myself things like "the otter is on the red chair"  and “the raven flies at midnight” over and over, just so the NSA has to sort me out.
A Home Depot worker quick reflexes have gone viral. Christopher Strickland, working at a South Anchorage store, spotted a baby about to fall out of a shopping cart. He rushed forward and grabbed the girl in mid air. I don’t know what’s more amazing – that there is video evidence of someone actually working in a Home Depot or that the guy hasn’t been signed by the Broncos.  
And a few things you need to know …

On this date in 1892, the very first basketball game was played. The rules of the game were still being figured out and it was decided in the second game, they wouldn't allow guns.

In 1965, the Wisconsin Cheese Foundation started making "the world's largest cheese;" a block weighing 34,591 pounds. The celebration was short-lived, when the cheese was attacked by a 32-ton mouse.

Some jewelers are now selling "conflict free" diamond engagement rings. Kobe Bryant wishes those had been around when he got married.

First there was Google Glass, now they're working on Google Contact lenses. Hopefully, they'll draw a line before they get to Google Suppositories.

The Vatican said last week they're cutting the red-tape on the sainthood application process, which can take several years and end up costing over $1 million out-of-pocket. Apparently, sainthood is becoming the Vatican's version of ObamaCare.
With Russell Johnson, the Professor from "Gilligan's Island" dead, the only living cast members are Ginger and Mary Ann. Never thought I'd live to see the day that "Ginger or Mary Ann?" was a "Celebrity Death Pool" question.
And ... A new British study from Oxford University says antibiotic resistant strains of STD’s could soon become a worldwide epidemic. Being a British study, it was introduced by Julie Andrews singing, "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Gonorrhea?" While the rest of us don’t want to die from STD super-strains, it’s nice to know that
John Mayer and Katy Perry created something together that will last forever.
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01/20/2014 6:57AM
LMN 1-20-14 MLK JR DAY Edition!
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