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LMN 2-28-14 TOOOOO SLEEEPY for News

by Lisa Mason posted Feb 28 2014 6:59AM


Ukraine’s acting interior minister posted on Facebook that Russian militia forces are massing for an occupation. Let’s see … troops just seized two airports and are poised on the border. Do I call for help or update my Facebook status?  Russian President Vladimir Putin denies that he’s prepping to invade, saying Moscow is just going to help Ukraine. Yeah, help them right back into being Russian property again.  


If you missed it, North Korea fired 4 missiles into the sea yesterday. Hitting the ocean; there's a tough target.  


No more ranting about Arizona! Now gay people can go confidently into a bar in Phoenix, and be certain they'll be served cocktails. They may be Molotov cocktails, but they'll get them.


The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences just announced that today is the last day a celebrity can die and still make it into Sunday Nites Oscars "In Memoriam" segment. So, if you're not dead by midnight, you might as well hang around until next year, because you're not getting into the show. I mean, why can't everybody be totally professional and give 2-weeks notice like Philip Seymour Hoffman?


State officials in Nebraska have reopened a stretch of Interstate 80 that they closed yesterday to allow the U.S. Air Force to search for an undisclosed amount of lost ammunition. The Air Force says they found the stuff, thank goodness! Usually when the Obama administration loses ammo, coroners end up finding it inside of U.S. Border Patrol Agents.


And a few things you need to know …


On this date in 1849, a ship arrived in San Francisco, carrying the first gold seekers, they were the original 49ers and while some found gold, they never once made the playoffs.


Sony has announced a waterproof tablet and cellphone. Now that guy who talks behind you in the movie theater can meet you in the pool!


After doing rain dances, it looks now like it will finally rain hard today and tomorrow in L.A., but the Oscars should be dry Sunday night. Although, preachers in Arizona are predicting scattered rivers of blood, periods of dense plagues, and a 75% chance of locusts.


It was weird watching Ben Affleck testifying live before Congress on Wednesday. Usually, you have to WAIT to watch Ben go straight to video.


And … Since my dog watches me write the news every day, she wanted to try her paw at it. So here’s a special story from LMN reporter Hera Mason!  Lhsgh[ogjmsd;lgm;ksd;gjgg/mvv Sdlsdjgsd;g WOOF.

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02/28/2014 7:00AM
LMN 2-28-14 TOOOOO SLEEEPY for News
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