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LMN 3-28-14 Poor Time Management Last Night

by Lisa Mason posted Mar 28 2014 7:25AM
They’ve shifted the search area for the missing Malaysian Airlines jet.   Australia says they think any wreckage would be 700 miles from where searchers were focused, which is hundreds of miles from where they were looking after they moved the search hundreds of miles from where they started.  Meanwhile, Pakistan is still gloating that they obviously do not have the missing plane, as was suspected. Well, they never knew Seal Team 6 was in their country either.

It’s getting scary in the Black Sea. Satellite shows Russian troops setting up a possible supply line for an extended occupation – wait – we can watch these guys unpacking their luggage but can’t find any trace of that missing plane? Anyway, Vladimir Putin is looking at more land to annex. He's talking about taking over some areas that used to be part of Governor Chris Christie.

President Obama and his interpreter met for an entire hour with Pope Francis and his interpreter at the Vatican yesterday. The two reportedly spent most of their time discussing income inequality, untill Obama asked the Pope for his blessing, and the number of the Italian TV channel that carries the NCAA basketball tournament.
And a few more things you need to know…

On this in 1866, the very first ambulance service began. Lots of people were very excited... although, most of them were lawyers.

On this date in 1930, Constantinople changed its name to Istanbul, so they could finally fit the country's name on t-shirts.

If you go to a White Sox game, and have $17 you can get a 3 pound Banana Split, with 12 scoops of ice cream,
chocolate sauce, whipped cream and several cherries served in a full-sized batting helmet! Hey, it's supposed to be a batting helmet, not a fatting helmet!  They should call it the Obamanator since Michelle will have it banned. I wonder if you can get it deep fried with a stint sold separately.

Just six stories today and all of them rehashed? This is what happens when you are as bad at managing your writing time as I am. 
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03/28/2014 7:27AM
LMN 3-28-14 Poor Time Management Last Night
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