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LMN 3-6-14 Just Putin this out there...

by Lisa Mason posted Mar 6 2014 8:16AM
President Obama says he wants Russia to back off and slowly go away from the Ukraine, like Ann Curry did on the Today Show. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton compared Vlad Putin to Hitler, and it’s raising quite a fuhrer! Russia defends their occupation of Crimea saying they’re just Putin on the Blitz.
Some say what Russia did to Ukraine makes them outlaws. Others say more like in-laws. A United Nations envoy to Ukraine was forced to abandon his peace mission yesterday, after being chased by pro-Russian forces chanting "Putin, Putin, Putin.” Vladimir Putin has gone so evil; they're considering him as a judge on "The X-Factor."
Time to get out and hit those after-asteroid near miss sales! Since we had to go to work this morning, I’m guessing we weren't killed by that asteroid yesterday. Or maybe we were … and THIS is the afterlife! Oh no! I must have been very bad since my hereafter is being at work doing this news blog. I kind of repent!
I can’t wait what law they decide to arbitrarily rewrite next! There’s now a 2 year delay in one portion of Obamacare, this one allows consumers to keep health insurance plans that don’t meet the Obamacare criteria.  Think they’re extending deadlines and delaying implementation because they care about you? Nope. Had this latest delay not been put in place, thousands of insurance plans would have been cancelled right before the midterm elections. They’re counting on the American people to forget that they’re ticked off … and it’ll work.
Pope Francis says that he could see the Catholic Church "tolerating" a form of same sex marriage civil unions. Wow. This means sometime in the future, maybe even in our lifetimes, the Catholic Church could be dragged into the 1980's. Meanwhile, Pope Francis who is even beloved by atheists says all the media attention bothers him and that he is “not Superman.” Oh yeah? How come we never see the Pope and Superman in the same room together hmmmm?
And a few things you need to know …
In 1950, Silly Putty was invented. It was a replacement for mildly humorous putty. The inventor said, "What do we do with this stuff?" and his assistant replied, "I don't know. Stick it in an egg!" OK.
On this date in 1521, Magellan discovered Guam. Oh, no, wait... that's gum.  Yes, Magellan discovered gum on the bottom of one of his maps.
You know you had a good Fat Tuesday if you completely missed Ash Wednesday yesterday.
Disney's animated movie "Frozen" has passed $1-billion in sales worldwide. "Frozen" is now available in dozens of subtitles, including Turkish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Slovenian, Spanish, German and Travoltan.
Another warning -- Daylight Saving Time starts on Sunday. This is great news if your car clock, like mine, will once again be correct! At least you’ll have an excuse to be an hour late for everything come Monday.
And … Chipotle is catching heat after saying they’ll stop serving guacamole because global warming is spiking avocado prices.   Although, Taco Bell says they still have plenty of guacamole left over from the 2012 Super Bowl.  You know what they say. Montezuma's Revenge is a dish best served cold. As cold as it is and Chipotle busts out the “global warming” card and threatens my guacamole? I vote we throw them in Gunatanamole!
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03/06/2014 8:20AM
LMN 3-6-14 Just Putin this out there...
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