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LMN 4-21-14 You've done WHAT with ANOTHER plane?

by Lisa Mason posted Apr 21 2014 8:08AM
Security is super tight at today’s running of the Boston Marathon. Over 1 million spectators are expected at the race and cops are cracking down on numerous items at security checkpoints. Runners cannot wear costumes or masks, no strollers, no large backpacks, bombs are also not allowed. Again. 

A 16 year old boy is lucky to be unharmed after stowing away in the wheel well of a flight from California to Hawaii. 38 thousand feet of freezing temperatures and little oxygen, the boy passed out for most of the 5.5 hour flight and STILL had a better experience than everybody flying in coach.

Another one? A Malaysia Airlines flight made an emergency landing this morning, returning safely to Kuala Lumpur after a problem with landing gear. Or a tire, the government can’t decide on a story for this one either. The passengers are safe and 100 % thankful anyone even knows where they are. I can’t add much to this story but on CNN they actually broke away from the Malaysian plane story to cover a DIFFERENT Malaysian plane. A collection is already being taken to buy Justin Beiber, the Kardashians and most of Congress tickets on Malaysia Airlines.  

An international mystery is brewing after a plane bearing the American flag, owned by the Bank of Utah, parked at an airport in Tehran. Since business with Iran is prohibited by sanctions, and the easily identifiable plane was not likely to be part of a covert diplomatic mission, what’s it doing there?  Isn't it possible the Bank of Utah foreclosed on Malaysia Flight 370 and then took it to Earl Scheib?

Michaels is reporting a new security breach affecting as many as 3 million of its customers. Apparently the hackers were pretty crafty, which makes sense.

I thought it was wonderful that Pope Francis prayed for Peace on Easter Sunday – but did he HAVE to drop all those “Game of Thrones” spoilers?  
And a few things you need to know …
On this date in 1789, John Adams became our country's first vice president. He took the job after deciding he was tired of doing things.

In 1836, Texas gained it's independence when Sam Houston beat Santa Ana in double overtime.

Happy half-price chocolate day! Time to go hit those “after 4-20” sales! I think I stumbled across an updated version of “Ten Commandments” yesterday. In this one, Moses was promised that his tablets wouldn't be obsolete in six months.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth turns 88 today, she gets her actual birthday AND an observed birthday. Figures the chick who doesn’t work for a living gets two extra personal days. Birthday plans include the Queen touring major tourist sites. Wow! I hope Adam Lambert is with them on this leg. Sadly, the Queen reportedly has a tummy bug on her big day. Palace staff say they haven’t seen royal skid marks that bad since that tunnel in Paris.

The crew aboard the International space station received a much needed delivery from a Space X Dragon capsule on Easter Sunday. Along with necessary supplies, there were Easter baskets for the astronauts which included candy, non-leaking space suits and plans for a new space program along with a “how to speak Chinese” pamphlet.

And … There's a new 50th Anniversary edition of the Ford Mustang. All of the colors have a little bit of gray on the edges and it occasionally forgets why it went into the garage.
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04/21/2014 8:12AM
LMN 4-21-14 You've done WHAT with ANOTHER plane?
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