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LMN 4-24-14 The cold never bothered me anyway...

by Lisa Mason posted Apr 24 2014 8:18AM
There will be no Sherpa-guided climbs on Mt. Everest for the rest of the climbing season to honor the 16 Sherpas who died in an avalanche last week. You're doomed without the Sherpas. I don't suppose there's a bunny hill, or an escalator?  I’m fascinated by Everest. It’s the mountain equivalent of the Venus fly trap – luring unqualified climbers to easily preventable deaths.
President Obama is in Tokyo, Japan, this week. Someone should have told him the Tea Party is a little different there.
Mt Everest makes me wonder … if I built a corridor full of rotating blades and saws and poison gas, and charged $100k for the privilege of running through it would the “adventure tourists” flock to it?
Doctors in the UK are now manufacturing blood cells. This is a revolution in medicine that will allow us to live longer healthier lives if we manage to not blow ourselves up with nuclear weapons.
Backing up Joe Biden’s peace mission to Ukraine, President Obama has called on Russia to abide by international norms. Biden responded by shouting, "Norms!"
You know the dead bodies of most climbers stay on Everest forever? There’s one nicknamed “Green Boots” that is used as a trail marker before you get to the summit. THEY USE CORPSES AS TRAIL MARKERS. Why would you want to spend a college tuition for the chance to turn into a people-sickle in a $500 The North Face jacket?
And a few things you need to know …
Christmas Eve is exactly 8 months away. Just sayin'…
On this date in 1888, the Kodak camera was released.  Everyone was excited to see what developed.
Today is “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.”  We should have a take our kids to OTHER people’s work day so they don’t end up like us. And why are dogs excluded? Chad in accounting can bring his twin boys who, by the way, both have strep throat but I can’t bring Hera? So unfair.
Don’t get me wrong on Everest: I love adventure travel. I just love it someplace warm with a pool nearby. Who wants to see a blinding white endless hell of hypoxia? #LetItGo
A new elevator is being installed in a Chinese skyscraper that will travel at speeds of 45 MPH, reaching the 95th floor in just 43 seconds. That's more like a thrill ride! How tall do you have to be to ride that elevator?
One of my coworkers just called me a “chicken” for my continued Everest whining. Not at all! I hope to die a valiant, adventurous death … but I’ll probably end up choking on a spoonful of frosting after tripping over the dog.
The New York Yankee’s pitcher was ejected in the 2nd inning of a game in Boston after the Red Sox alerted umpires that he had a blob of pine tar resin smeared on his neck. It's amazing. They can find brownish-amber blotches on Yankee pitcher's necks but they can't find Flight 370. Go figure.
Seriously, I do not understand the Everest obsession. Rocks, snow and brain death from the lack of oxygen. You know, awe inspiring crap. 
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04/24/2014 8:28AM
LMN 4-24-14 The cold never bothered me anyway...
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