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LMN 5-7-14 Now with more whining and ranting.

by Lisa Mason posted May 7 2014 8:08AM
 A stressful evening at the White House. Not “300-children-have-been-kidnapped-by-militants” stressful, but it raised concerns when an unauthorized vehicle drove into a restricted area. President Obama blamed the incident on a YouTube video. According to CNN, who was presumably searching for Flight 370 on Pennsylvania Avenue, the White House press corps was hustled into a secure area. Yet no one thought to cut off the oxygen to that area?

Eminent British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking says intelligent, extraterrestrial life-forms most certainly exist, but communicating with them is risky because they mean to do us the worst harm imaginable. Seriously? What could extraterrestrials do to hurt us that hasn't already been tried by the fast food industry? Hawking questions whether humans and aliens could ever co-exist. Wait, is he talking about Martians or Arizonians? Hawking went on to say that “artificial intelligence” is the most damaging thing faced by mankind. I don't know how it could be much worse than the real stuff.

This could cause Humanity’s main decision-making process to crumble: scientists in China say they have cracked the secret of winning rock, paper, scissors. Researchers played 300 rounds of the game and found that winners tended to stick with their winning action, while losers switch it up.  Yes, a bunch of scientists sat round playing rock, paper, scissors. How’s that cure for cancer coming, guys?

Oregon State has fired basketball coach Craig Robinson, the brother-in-law of President Obama. Can a drone strike or an audit be far behind?

And a few things you need to know …

On this date in 1789, the very first inaugural ball was held honoring newly-elected President George Washington. Martha had the distinct advantage of not having to worry about wearing what she wore last time. I read that John McCain had a blast!

An old tour bus used by Willie Nelson is for sale on eBay for $36,000. You could probably scrape enough residue off the walls and sell it to break even.

Prince has announced he's never going to use swear words again. Nice! He says he’s making the no-cursing promise out of courtesy to others, and because swearing is not allowed in his senior living facility.

The town of Cape St. George, Newfoundland, has a 40-foot whale carcass that washed up on its beach. So, how to get rid of it? They placed an ad on Craigslist and people are offering as much as $2,000 for it. Craigslist: not just for serial killers anymore!

A recent study charts a rise in dog owners who medicate their pets with anti-anxiety drugs, to help mellow them out. Thank goodness dogs finally have a way to relax after another long, stressful day of chewing up shoes, jumping on the bed and napping.   

And a bonus rant with a plea for help…
This is national “Be kind to animals” week, so it’s fitting animal lovers are seeing the head of BAARC, the Birmingham Animal Adoption and Rescue Center, attempt to defend himself on animal cruelty charges.  According to numerous complaints, Scott Kirkland, also of Head to Tail Animal Care, allegedly dumped animals surrendered to his business for profit and reportedly did not provide adequate care at his facility.  It’s a long story, featured on Fox 6 and but to sum up; Kirkland currently faces two animal cruelty charges while a groomer, Shawn Fleming also faces two animal cruelty charges and one count of dogs running at large. This is a grim reminder to always check out the reputations of rescues and shelters before you surrender an animal in need. Especially if they’re taking money from you to keep the animal from a kill shelter and then just dump it elsewhere.

If you surrendered an animal to BAARC, AND gave Kirkland money for it’s care – ask to see his business records. He should be able to provide them. Even as far back as 2012 he should be able to tell you exactly what happened to that stray cat you turned in. Go on, try it. See if he can.
I know you’re thinking “Hey, Lis. We come here for a semi-entertaining read of questionable content. What’s with the soapbox?” Well, I love animals. Having a dog is my chosen way of avoiding the responsibility of having children.  When I see a “rescue” group who is reportedly taking advantage of people who want to help animals it just galls me. My dog Hera was “dumped” as a puppy, and is now spoiled rotten by everyone. It hurts to think of what COULD have happened, what WOULD have happened to her. It’s a personal issue for me.  I DO worry that Hera will think I’m obsessed once she finds out how many pictures of her there are on Facebook. Remember, if you’re allergic to pets I’ll be happy to lock you in the other room when you come over. Here’s to happy endings and forever homes for all the fuzzy ones. 
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05/07/2014 8:10AM
LMN 5-7-14 Now with more whining and ranting.
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