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LMN 6/30/14 Happy July Eve!

by Lisa Mason posted Jun 30 2014 8:21AM
I don’t have much in the way of content or humor today, so enjoy the picture of upside down sleeping bunnies.

Watching all this World Cup on the computer at work is really cutting into my Facebook time at work. I was so excited Team USA was going to play tonight … until I actually looked at the dates on the World Cup schedule and realized that’s tomorrow. “World Cup fever” is honestly considered a disease over in China. They’ve set up a special clinic to treat those suffering from “World Cup Syndrome,” in which doctors are treating people for listlessness and insomnia stemming from the strange times the games are on. Anxiety and paranoia are also being attributed to the matches. Maybe there’s something to government health care after all – we could get doctor’s excuses to stay home and watch soccer!

President Obama is asking congress for $2 billion to deport the thousands of unaccompanied children who have illegally entered the country. Woah! $2 BILLION? Check one of those travel sites and you’d spend less to ship them home. We’ve got 52 thousand kids in question, if we bought each of them a first-class plane ticket home that’s just $104 million. Throw in Laser Eye Surgery and bartending classes and we’re up to $182,000,000. Instead of airfare I guess we’re buying each one a Nissan Altima?

And a few things you need to know…

On this date in 1936, Congress approved a 40-hour week. For others, of course, not themselves.

Psychiatrists have determined that “BladeRunner” Oscar Pistorious was NOT “mentally ill” at the time of his girlfriend’s murder. And the Oscar goes to … jail!

A new study has linked watching too much TV with an early death. Good thing we've cut back on TV and we're watching more movies!

J-Lo says she'd like Selena Gomez to portray her in a movie of her life story---the compelling tale of a marginally talented lip-syncher who rose to sit on the highest court in the land, a judgeship on "American Idol." It's really awe-inspiring.

Investigators have a new theory on what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. They say the plane flew on autopilot for hours before crashing in the Indian Ocean , suggesting everyone on the plane was incapacitated by a loss of oxygen. Now that's just stupid. No matter how exorbitant it is, I always pay the in-flight oxygen fee. You really can't scrimp there.

New statistics show that since Colorado legalized recreational pot, marijuana DUI arrests have doubled. Also doubling were sales of Double Down sandwiches and Double-Stuffed Oreos.

And … word is Facebook manipulated the news feeds on hundreds of thousands of profiles as part of a psychological experiment. To those upset by this; I’m sorry embarrassing emotional details of your life were made public because you publically expressed them on Facebook. 
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06/30/2014 8:24AM
LMN 6/30/14 Happy July Eve!
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