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LMN 6-9-14 Is it national tech fail day?

by Lisa Mason posted Jun 9 2014 7:45AM
Condolences to California Chrome and congrats to ... whatever pony won Saturday and messed up seeing a Triple Crown winner. C-Crome’s owner is catching flak for saying owners who skip the Derby and Preakness are “cowards” for suddenly showing up at the Belmont to race against a horse who is tired.  I think he has a point; this is like Auburn getting bye weeks before playing LSU AND Alabama while WE get a bye week only before playing the Southern Florida Polio Clinic.
Word is a VA clinic here in Alabama falsified records to cover up patient’s ridiculous wait times. There’s no punch line to add, as the VA clinic is a joke unto itself.
Rumor has it Michelle Obama plans to run for the US senate in 2016. Heck, Barak will be out of a job so SOMEONE has to pay for the organic produce. To be fair, Michelle really did show us how easy it is to grow nutritious food; all you need is a bit of land, sunshine and 50 full-time federal employees.
2000 mattresses being shipped to Arizona for a group of migrant children there. What, are we gonna put a pea under one and try to find a real princess or something? This gives me a creepy feeling; like Jeffery Amherst handing out small pox blankets.
The CIA has Tweeted it's first Tweet on Twitter. However, if you read it, they'll have to kill you.
And a few things you need to know…
On this date in 1931, Goddard patented the rocket. Yes, he had a rocket in his plans and he was happy to see you.
On this date in 68 AD, the Roman Emperor Nero committed suicide to avoid execution. Boy, I guess he showed them! Wait a minute. Just think, if they only had better suicide prevention measures back in those days, he could have lived long enough to be killed.
Thieves stole 13,000 Huggies from a diaper bank in North Carolina. They have a description of the thieves, but with that many diapers, they figure they're probably changing a lot.
In the NBA finals, it was the Heat over the Spurs in Game 2. No matter WHAT happens in the game, Miami fans will ALWAYS be there for their team as long as they win.
And … Miss Nevada is the new Miss USA. Why do we get to pick from 50 for Miss USA but we only get 2 main choices for president? 
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06/09/2014 7:46AM
LMN 6-9-14 Is it national tech fail day?
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06/09/2014 2:17PM
The president's first name is spelled "Barack," not "Barak," why do you misspell it, Asil?
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