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LMN 7-17-14 Here's the link you want to click.

by Lisa Mason posted Jul 17 2014 7:46AM
On this date, 45 years ago, Apollo 11 blasted into history. Your iPad probably has more computational power than the entire world in 1969, yet these guys went to the MOON while we throw birds at pig houses.

The World Cup has been declared as the most talked about event on social media ever. The most common tweet by American fans: "Hey, aren't one of these teams supposed to score?"

Cue up Motley Crue’s “Same Old Situation,” the 5 hour humanitarian cease fire in Gaza Strip only lasted 2 hours before the rockets started flying again. Fact*-- most Americans think “Gaza Strip” is the name of an exotic dance.

Major drought going on in Southern Cal. Even President Obama is worried about the severe lack of water; some of his favorite golf courses are there.

Time Warner executives rejected an $80 billion takeover bid by Rupert Murdoch. He wouldn’t take “NO” for an answer, so they held a Silver Cross up to Murdoch while shouting, "The power of Christ compels you” to get him to leave.
And a few things you need to know…

One of the Boston bombing victims was asked to leave T.J. Maxx because of his service dog. You can't buy publicity like that. Because you don’t want it. 

A Seattle idiot tried to kill a spider with a lighter and a can of spray paint. Unfortunately that cost him his home as the entire house went up in flames.  JUST STEP ON IT. Sorry to you spider-lovers, I know many sick/twisted people keep them as pets. Last time I was in a pet store I noticed spiders were $70! To heck with that, you can get one cheaper off the web.

And … A new tool called Wi-Fi Honk can alert pedestrians through their cellphone they are about to be hit by a car. Now if we can just develop an app that reminds us why we walked into that room.
*I just made it up but it’s entirely probable
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07/17/2014 7:51AM
LMN 7-17-14 Here's the link you want to click.
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