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LMN 7-18-14

by Lisa Mason posted Jul 18 2014 7:46AM
A Malaysia Airlines passenger plane, Flight 17, was shot down over Ukraine yesterday. Here's an idea; perhaps we could re-route air traffic so planes don't fly directly over active war zones. CNN is beside themselves with another plane story. Early reports indicate that Russia is to blame; let’s hope our renewed hatred of Russia makes us feel as young as we were in the 80’s!

A ground invasion of the Gaza Strip is underway. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted on his Facebook page that the purpose of the operation is to destroy “terror tunnels” linking Gaza and Israel. The escalation comes after almost 2 weeks of violence and a failed cease fire. Both sides; just stop it. The 5 hour humanitarian cease fire lasted a mere 2 hours before somebody twitched. If Van Halen managed to get along for 6 months you guys should put on your big girl panties and YOU put down your rockets and YOU put down your rocks and try to kill each other like thinking, civilized people.

The U.S. intelligence official who was banished from Germany on Thursday says his expulsion from the country will give him more time to spend spying on his family. The last time the German government kicked out an American spy, Bill Belichick was an assistant coach for NFL Europe. And if we really WERE spying on Germany, why weren't we spying on their soccer team? THAT could have really helped us!

Microsoft confirms it will lay off 14% of its work force, giving 18,000 employees the boot. Or, as they call it, the reboot.
Was it intended to be a "weapon of Mass Reproduction-Destruction?" Senate liberals are trying to nullify the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, but the bill failed to pass so they’re forced to abort the idea. Senate Republicans say this should send a chill down the spine down of ALL Americans. Senate leader Harry Reid is asking, "Please explain what a spine is?"

And a few more things you need to know …

On this date in 64 AD, the great fire of Rome began. How a fire could cause such devastation in a city made completely out of stone is beyond me. And for the record: Rome didn't burn in a day.

On this date in 1940, a helicopter was successfully flown for the first time. The inventor was so mad at the many failed flights, he had changed the original name, from the "heck-icopter" to the "Hell-icopter."
In the latest issue of Archie Comics (they still print those?), Archie dies when he takes a bullet for his gay friend who was advocating for gun control. If Archie had a gun, he could have really protected his friend. The only way to stop a bad imaginary character with a gun is with a good imaginary character with a gun.  
John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth and a former U.S. Senator, turns 93 today. While being a senator was nice, he got more done while he was in space. 
60-year-old actor Jeff Goldblum has become engaged to his 31-year-old girlfriend. Goldblum, meet Gold-digger.
A spectacularly well-preserved 520-million-year-old sea creature has been unearthed in China. P.F. Chang's says, "Sounds delicious!"
And … The CDC says that one in four Americans admit they do no exercise at all. This means that 75% of Americans are liars.
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07/18/2014 7:50AM
LMN 7-18-14
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