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LMN 7-28-14 I find my lack of content disturbing

by Lisa Mason posted Jul 28 2014 7:21AM
The UN is calling for another cease fire in the Gaza Strip. Given that the last three cease fires resulted in rocket attacks and airstrikes within a few hours … maybe we shouldn’t call for any more cease fires? Israel and Hamas are supposed to leave each other alone today as it’s Eid al Fatyr, the celebration marking the end of Ramadan. They are calling the truce so everyone can get together and hit the after-Ramadan sales.
Congress is leaving on a five-week recess this week. They’ll accomplish every bit as much as they do when they’re technically working.
Dallas Cowboys linebacker and former Tide star Rolando McClain has been convicted of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct in Decatur. The 18-day jail term that could foil McClain’s efforts to restart his career. Oh his career is going fine, his career in crime, that is.
An initiative for marijuana legalization has made it on to the November ballot in Oregon. The trick now, of course, is getting weed supporters to remember to vote. "Oh, wow! The election was last week? Bummer dude.” The Oregon Ducks football team is opposing the vote; they don’t want to replace their designer uniforms with hemp necklaces and Grateful Dead t-shirts.
A McDonald's worker in Pennsylvania has been arrested for selling crack cocaine at work. The employee tried to convince cops that he didn’t use cocaine, he just liked the way it smelled.
And a few things you need to know …
On this date in 1900, the hamburger was invented. Up until then, there was nothing to like fries with. There were some who didn’t relish the idea but, in time, would ketchup to it.
Justin Bieber was spotted riding around in a wheelchair at Disneyland so he could cut to the front of the lines. SO tacky! Most already thought Justin Bieber was going to hell in a hand basket. Now he's using the wheelchair ramp.

Some Guy (I forgot to write down his fancy foreign name) just won the Tour de France. Yawn. I know nothing about bike races so to me, the Tour de France is slightly less interesting than watching Google Maps.  I DO know you can win it if you start blood doping early enough.
Mark Zuckerberg is claiming that the average Facebook user spends 40 minutes a day on the site. You could probably spend more if it weren't for that pesky day job.

And … A new poll shows that Darth Vader is more popular than all of the potential 2016 presidential candidates. He was also the most popular choice among the voters on Alderaan until he blew it up.
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07/28/2014 7:22AM
LMN 7-28-14 I find my lack of content disturbing
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