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LMN 7-30-14 Feeling the after-sharks

by Lisa Mason posted Jul 30 2014 8:12AM
Another day of rockets and shelling in Gaza. How anything is left standing I’ve no idea. I’m starting to feel bad for the window cleaners over there. Israel has been warning civilians in Gaza to evacuate areas where Hamas has weapons stored or tunnels dug, by dropping numerous leaflets. Today, Hamas accused Israel of both murder and littering. Meanwhile, the UN is asking the Israelis if the incursion into Gaza has reached a tipping point. The Israelis concede that if tipping becomes compulsory, they'll consider a permanent cease-fire. I was just talking to my lovely coworker Ericka Wood when it was announced Israel hsa agreed to a 4 hour humanitarian cease-fire. At the time of the announcement it was 8am CDT. We have a bet that rockets will start flying within an hour and 17 minutes.

Heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine prevented an international team of inspectors from reaching the wreckage of Malaysian Fight 17 which was shot down by a missile last week. Poor CNN. Now they FINALLY know where a downed Malaysian aircraft is, and they STILL can't get to it! Meanwhile, President Obama is attempting to step up sanctions against Russia. Vlad Putin’s just sending him straight to voicemail.

Birmingham is increasing its efforts to clinch the 2016 Democratic National Convention throwing a LOT of money at it. The city will spend $250,000 to hire a team of consultants* to organize and promote the city's bid AND will guarantee $5 million in cash to the DNC event if Birmingham wins its bid. City on the Move! Enjoy your potholes and busted sidewalks while the DNC officials are steered away from your neighborhood since its turning into Thunderdome. 

Democrats in Congress said they'd consider cutting some of the pork out of the budget if Republicans would consider replacing it with tofu.

AL Sharpton says he’s opening an office in Birmingham. Is it too late to convince Israel that the Palestinians are hiding rockets on that site?

A Connecticut man was arrested after he shot his girlfriend's pet turtle to death with a BB gun. The girlfriend says that ever since the traumatic incident, she's been a shell of her former self.
And a few things you need to know …

On this date in 1956, "In God We Trust" became our country's official slogan. Before that it was, "Who do we trust?"
The creator of that TV show about hoarding was the featured guest at a Major League Baseball game this week. Sadly, the man was ejected after he just couldn't bring himself to throw out the first pitch.  

Expect Twitter to explode tonight; Sharknado 2 premieres tonight on the Sy-Fy channel! If you think Sharknado is ridiculous; it’s not HALF as weird as stuff that happens in Florida on any given day. I loved the original but all the NEW “bandwagon” fans complaining about spoilers should have frst read the books like the rest of us.**  And I’d like to give props to the Sy-Fy channel crew working on a documentary up in Jasper. You guys are running out of time to invite me to your Sharknado 2 viewing party. Just saying...
And here’s some leftovers from yesterday that didn’t post because one must hit the “publish” button in order to, you know, actually publish the blog.
On this date in 1588, the English   defeated the Spanish Armada. The battle began when the English asked "What's an Armada?" and the Spanish replied, "Nothing. What's an Armada with you?"
It sounds made up, but many KKK branches are now recruiting black people to help them combat an influx of illegal immigrants into the U.S. How about an all-black KKK branch? You could call them the Tuskkkegee Men. Wow, poor turn of phrase since the KKK isn’t known for working well when branches were involved.
Colorado officials are reporting a growing population of homeless kids who have fled to Colorado to take advantage of their legalized pot laws. The kids say they heard about legalized weed in Colorado from young Central American drug dealers who snuck into the U.S. to take advantage of our lenient immigration laws.
And … Hillary Clinton still won't confirm if she's running for president, but women's advocacy groups say a Hillary victory in 2016 would be the achievement of the American Dream---taking your husband's old job and turning him into the First Lady.
*To whom are THESE “consultants” related?
**This is really for the GoT bandwagon fans. 
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07/30/2014 8:15AM
LMN 7-30-14 Feeling the after-sharks
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