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LMN 8-11-14

by Lisa Mason posted Aug 11 2014 8:02AM
Millions of Facebook users are apparently now experts on Sprint Cup racing. Who knew?
The U.S. has resumed strategic air strikes in Iraq for the first time since 2011. ANOTHER summer sequel? Can't ANYBODY come up with an original idea? General Douglas MacArthur once said, "Old soldiers never die," so I guess the same goes for old wars. Along with airstrikes, the US is now arming Kurdish fighters in Iraq. If this keeps up they’re going to make Obama hand that Peace Prize back.
No, you’re not hallucinating; the latest cease fire is still holding in Gaza. Egypt has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund Israel and the Palestinians with something to do besides kill each other. No one’s ever been shot over a friendly game of Scrabble.*
A floating restaurant in Kentucky sank into the Ohio River. The restaurant owner said he suddenly felt like a homeowner.
The mother of Cooper Harris, who died after being locked inside his father’s SUV, has been cleared and will likely not face charges. Leanna Harris says the issue of her husband's sexting while Cooper was dying is between “God and us.” Actually it’s between Tricksie, Pheonixxx and Selena and God and you, Leanna. Prosecutors say the only thing Leanna is definitely guilty of is acting so darn weird and creepy after Cooper was killed.
And a few things you need to know …
On this date in 1919, the Green Bay Packers were born. Wow, that was more than three Brett Favre retirements ago.
A bedbug infestation has been found on New York City subway trains. These days, a train might not be the only thing you'll catch.
ABC has canceled "The Black Box." Wish I had known it ever existed, so I could pretend to care.
A Canadian production company will soon stage a new musical based on the life of Mayor Rob Ford. I believe it's called "The Best Little Crackhouse in Toronto."
And … Smokey Bear turned 70 years old on Saturday. Now instead of saying “Only you can prevent forest fires, he just shakes his fist screaming, "You kids get off my lawn!"
*That we know of
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08/11/2014 8:03AM
LMN 8-11-14
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