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LMN 8-12-14 A Most Ranty Day in the News

by Lisa Mason posted Aug 12 2014 8:39AM
President Obama took the time to weigh in on the situation in Iraq before making an official comment on the death of Robin Williams. Obama says the US is NOT at war in Iraq. Oh, so those airstrikes, drones and weapons are just movie props? It is primarily a humanitarian mission though; thousands of refugees have fled the extremist group ISIS/L and are now trapped on Mount Sinjar with neither food nor water. Wow, I bet they’re pretty depressed being trapped on something referred to as Iraq’s “Mountain of Death.”  If only every celebrity on the rotten planet would Tweet about their situation. Sorry, it’s getting ranty in here.
I wasn’t going to talk about this at all. Yeesh. Robin Williams had three new movies coming out, a bazillion dollars, countless adoring fans and every posh resource for treatment/management Marin County (and the world) had to offer. And it’s not like he was having to wake up and dig a ditch or get yelled at by the boss.
I’m not trying to belittle his depression and substance abuse, but there are thousands of people who wake up and think “why bother” yet they get up and go to work anyway. Through the pain, through the darkness, through the mind-forged horror, they don’t let their disease kill them. And these are people without a secretary to take their calls, with no personal assistant to pay the bills, who don’t have to clean the kitchen, who don’t have money for treatment, who don’t have a driver to take them home when the depression becomes too much to be out with friends, who aren’t trapped on the “Mountain of Death” in Iraq.
Hmmm ... maybe I’m being needlessly harsh simply because Williams is famous. I DID like him in “Aladdin” though.  
Big surprise here. Hamas broke their 3-day truce with Israelis by firing 50 rockets into Israel before the truce was over. Hamas is also launching armed drones and they say they'll resume suicide missions into Israel aimed at killing civilians. For the last several weeks, Hamas suicide attackers haven't gone into Israel because they were afraid they might get blown up by their own rockets and drones.
Remnants of a pipe bomb were found at a Colorado middle school. I know what you're thinking, but no, there wasn't any pot in the pipe. With Colorado these days, you can never be too sure.
Mayor Bill de Blasio has signed a bill dropping New York's city-street speed limit from 30 to 25 MPH. Well, there was a rumor that Tony Stewart was in the area.
The whole world is a hot mess; Iraq has ousted their nutty PM and the election in Afghanistan isn’t progressing well. All the votes were divided between Abdullah Abdullah, Ashraf Ghani and Larry the Kabul Guy.
CNN's Baghdad correspondent, Arwa Damon has apologized for biting 2-paramedics while she was drunk. Those paramedics are lucky it wasn't a higher-level CNN reporter. If Wolf Blitzer bites you, you turn into a werewolf. Don't even ask me what happens if Anderson Cooper bites you.
And a few things you need to know …
In 1877, Thomas Edison recorded sound with his invention, the Edisonphone. He also invented the Edison-pod and the Edison-pad.
Someone leaked a copy of the yet-to-be-released "Expendables 3" and nearly 2 and a half-million people have already downloaded it. The good news for the film's producers is, the movie was so clichéd, most people thought it was "Expendables 2" and deleted it.
McDonald's reported its worst global sales since 2003, dropping 2.5%. The other day, I noticed their Happy Meals were now known as Only Mildly Amused Meals.
And … Millions of Facebook users are up in arms after being forced to download the stupid, annoying and crummy Messenger app. Which is horrible. I’m convinced Ebola is spread through Chat Heads. Seriously, I hate the Chat Heads. Half the people who contact me on FB Messenger I don’t even know who they are but there’s their little facey face just popping up on my screen! GAH! THEN I always accidentally press their stupid face-head and pull up the message and I KNOW they can see that I read it so they’ll write back. Wait … can we go back to talking about rich people with depression and alcoholism? 
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08/12/2014 8:46AM
LMN 8-12-14 A Most Ranty Day in the News
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