February 28, 2015
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LMN 8-18-14 Thermostat wars at work

by Lisa Mason posted Aug 18 2014 8:16AM
Today's Nearly Impossible trivia for CS&N tickets brought up a touchy subject; the thermostat. 65% of fathers will not let their kids touch it, marriages have fallen apart over it, coworkers killed over it. The thermostat *might* be the biggest threat to modern civilization since ISIS and the McRib combined. The only thing that comes close to the terrible power of thermostat control would have to be leaving unused time on the microwave. Not only is it freezing in here, but somebody left the break room microwave with :07 left on the cook-time. Seriously? Don’t be a barbarian, clear the time if you take your food out early! Mainiacs!
Anyway, I could stay in here and write my news blog as I normally do but I only have my parka and one blanket and the Eagle studio has been hit by Winter Storm Tom (Tom’s our engineer who refuses to hear my frozen pleas and locked my thermostat). See? Absolute thermostat power corrupts absolutely!
08/18/2014 8:25AM
LMN 8-18-14 Thermostat wars at work
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