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LMN 8-19-14 It's Awesome.

by Lisa Mason posted Aug 19 2014 8:32AM
For the record, it took me an hour to do today's headlines and TWO HOURS to find a picture to post along with it. I couldn't find anything I liked so here is a picture of an awesome puppy. 

A temporary cease fire in Gaza ended last night. President Obama urged both sides to exercise restraint. And both sides told President Obama they're hoping people in Ferguson, Missouri, do the same thing.
Don’t you wonder how all those protesters in Ferguson have the energy to get up and go to work every morning? Attorney General Eric Holder is making a furiously fast trip to Ferguson. Oh great, now he’s going to sell the rioters guns.
President Obama says Kurdish forces have recaptured the Mosul dam with help from US airstrikes. Okay, how does this help relieve the drought in California?
Several Hoover parents are up in arms over proposed rezoning. They say the move will lower property values because people will move to a certain home or subdivision because of the school they want their children to attend. Um… isn’t how school zones work? I thought that’s a main reason Hoover looks like a giant gerrymandered octopus on a map.
If your child uses essential oils for asthma or allergy relief – they’re now banned in Jefferson County schools.  Oh, you can still get a liver-killing Tylenol or birth control from the school nurse, but eucalyptus oil is right out.    
And a few things you need to know…
On this date in 1960, the Soviet Union launched 3 dogs into space. Of course, they had to circle the earth several times before they could sit down.
This week in 1950, ABC began showing cartoons on Saturday morning. Those were the days! Now when I wake up on Saturday, I watch a few minutes of depressing news and just go back to bed. I felt much better when the worst thing that could happen was having a safe dropped on Wile E. Coyote.

Facebook is testing out a "satire" tag for feeds from places like The Onion because too many people mistake satire news for the real thing. There’s a name for people like that.*

The creator of the pop-up ad, Ethan Zuckerman says he wants to apologize for the idea. I'd tell you more but an ad for a cheese grater was blocking the rest of story.

A German man with devil horn implants and 435 tattoos and body piercings was denied entry into Dubai because of his appearance. The man says that no one understands him. Well if he didn’t have 20 tongue piercings maybe we COULD understand him. I have no idea what he’s saying.

And … A UFO was spotted in the skies during a forest fire in British Colombia last week. Because aliens don’t have Smokey the Bear to help them? The pictures are ridiculous -- it’s like when someone sees a UFO they immediately rush to grab their poorest quality camera.
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08/19/2014 8:33AM
LMN 8-19-14 It's Awesome.
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