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LMN 8-21-14 It's only briefly ranty

by Lisa Mason posted Aug 21 2014 7:53AM
Officials in Ferguson, Missouri are again pleading for people to stay home after dark. Ferguson residents responded, "But there's nothing good on TV. Just a bunch of people throwing firebombs and bottles at cops."

Before hitting the golf course yesterday, President Obama took a minute to comment on the horrific beheading of an American journalist by ISIS. He was so upset about it he nearly choked his backswing. Though they didn’t consider trading 5 Taliban guys for his release, turns out the Pentagon DID try to rescue James Foley and other hostages but went to the wrong location. That’s Apple Maps for ya.
Bit of a rant here BUT … Bush was crucified for continuing to read a book to students on the “original” 9-11. President Obama went golfing 15 minutes after his little speech about Foley. Does Barry not have a single advisor to tell him, “Ummm … you need to at least pretend to be bothered?” Even Tony Stewart was smart enough to stay home the day after he ran over that guy.

Mike Ditka defended Washington's use of their team name saying "the Redskins are part of an American football history." As evidence, Ditka recalled the book "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee," wherein Geronimo played the entire 4th quarter with a torn ACL.

There's a nationwide peanut butter recall including brands sold at Whole Foods. Animal droppings may have reached the production line, so your Reese's Pieces could be tainted with Geese's feces.
A study says that 36% of all Americans haven't saved anything for when they retire. You could always go with my plan: I've saved enough to rent a moving van so I can move in with your kids.
A solar plant in California's Mojave Desert is reportedly generating so much heat it is frying birds in mid-air. I was trying to come up with a fried chicken joke but thought about it so long I eventually just left and went to Chick fil-A.
And … Former President George W. Bush has taken the Ice Bucket Challenge and then challenged Bill Clinton to take it. Clinton accepted and challenged Dick Cheney to take the Ice Water Boarding Challenge.
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08/21/2014 7:55AM
LMN 8-21-14 It's only briefly ranty
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