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LMN 8-22-14 Sidewalk Time!

by Lisa Mason posted Aug 22 2014 7:15AM
U.S. airstrikes are finally helping to slow the advance of militant Sunnis in Iraq. It sure took long enough for President Obama to take the ISIS Bucket Challenge.
Speaking OF … The U.S. Departments of State and Defense have come out against the Ice Bucket Challenge, ruling that current State Department employees, service members and Pentagon employees cannot have ice dumped on them while in uniform or civilian clothes. President Obama seconded the ruling, saying he prefers throwing money at problems instead of ice.
Officials in Ferguson, Missouri, are blaming "outside agitators" for stirring up trouble in their town. Eric Holder responded, "Hey, but I'm the Attorney General!" Only a couple arrests there last night. Wow, that’s tame: I saw more arrests last night at the Sidewalk Filmmakers’ reception.
The wife and child of the leader of the militant wing of Hamas have been killed in an Israeli airstrike. The "militant" wing of Hamas? I guess that's to distinguish them from the "Hamas Meet and Greet Welcoming Committee" wing that hands out fruit baskets.
A new report says that former president Bill Clinton loves a certain cigar that costs $1,000 each! I don't want to even begin to think where THAT has been.
And a few things you need to know …
On this date in 1692, eight "witches" were hanged in Massachusetts. Needless to say, that was the least popular costume the following Halloween.
On this date in 1906, the Victrola was patented. It was the predecessor of the record player, which was the predecessor of the cassette player, which was the predecessor of the CD player which is what we used to listen to before our phones.
The Old Farmers' Almanac is predicting a "Super-Cold" winter with heavy snows this season. Of course, Al Gore is threatening to buy all the copies and burn them.
In California, a guy wearing a clown mask has been robbing gas stations and convenience stores. Police describe him as "armed and hilarious."
And … don’t tell me there’s nothing to do this weekend because the Sidewalk Film Festival is underway Downtown! You have a date Sunday at 10:00 at ASFA to watch “Nine Minutes.” This is a great short from Birmingham’s own Backwoods Films and when you get your audience survey card, remember to rank “Nine Minutes” the highest.
Wait just a sec – why am I promoting a single film when there are 200 + being screened? Because I’m IN “Nine Minutes.” Directors are learning that if you hire a radio announcer to be in your film you will get unlimited shameless plugs.* Half of my radio show this morning was about “Nine Minutes” even though I’m supposed to be promoting the CS&N show tonight. Well if CS&N put me in their show I’d talk about it more. Anyway -- Come early because seats are first come EVEN if you have VIP passes. Even if you pre-purchased your tickets (and didn’t get the secret reserved seats) you aren’t guaranteed a seat. Guess that’s ONE way to make money! See you at Sidedwalk!
*Because all radio announcers are shameless ho’s.
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08/22/2014 7:17AM
LMN 8-22-14 Sidewalk Time!
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