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LMN 8-27-14 Wine Riot!

by Lisa Mason posted Aug 27 2014 8:11AM
Odd happenings in the wake of that earthquake. Napa Valley residents are back at work, encouraging tourists to come, the gas leaks are fixed and power is coming back. Yep. Normalcy. Nobody waited for FEMA to do it for them and no one was caught looting. Granted, how does one go about looting in Napa Valley? “Standish, smash that window and grab that magnum of Cabernet Sauvignon! Wait – check to see if it’s the 2010 by Raymond Generations first. I don’t want the Chateau Montelena. Oh. It IS the Montelena? *Sigh* I suppose it’ll have to do.”  
White House officials are swearing the U.S. paid no ransom to Syria to win the release of American reporter Peter Theo Curtis. This has most of us saying, "I wonder how much ransom money the White House paid Syria?"
Burger king says moving their HQ to Canada will save them millions of dollars. Saving money? Can we move the Federal Government there?
Prince says he'll release 2-albums next fall. No wonder the Old Farmer's Almanac had Purple Rain in the long-range forecast.
That young homeless man who accepted the Video of the Year Award for Miley Cyrus at the VMA's Sunday night is wanted by Oregon police on an old warrant. Great, so he found a place to stay! I love happy endings!
Matt Damon took the Ice bucket challenge with water from his toilet, raising awareness for the millions with neither clean drinking water nor acceptable sewer facilities. Great – he’s taking the Hepatitis C challenge.
This charity awareness is getting out of hand. There’s a breast cancer challenge going on where you are shamed into posting an embarrassing status update to support the cause or whatever. I’m sorry* but the online peer pressure, humiliation and physical discomfort “for charity” is getting old. Every charity wants the same viral action as ALS, so we’re flooded with new weird stunts. “I’m raising awareness for the Humane Society by stapling this napkin to my face!”  What’s next? “I’m raising awareness for ovarian cancer by tying a motorcycle to a tree branch and riding it like a swing.”
And … It’s a first world problem; some customers are upset that Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Lattes don't contain pumpkin. It DOES contain the equivalent of you having to do 45 minutes on the elliptical though.

*Not sorry
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08/27/2014 8:14AM
LMN 8-27-14 Wine Riot!
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