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LMN 8-6-14 It's a lot LIKE news.

by Lisa Mason posted Aug 6 2014 7:38AM
You wouldn’t believe how brilliant today’s news was going to be! Really; you wouldn’t because you know me. I had the whole thing written and ready and then Word crashed. Not a big deal with the auto-recovery function, right? Well, if you click DELETE instead of the file you actually WANT then it’s a different story. You’re not missing much but a bunch of Bergdahl cracks and some stuff about Arby’s.
I’m not concerned about Ebola getting out of Africa, I AM concerned about it getting into Atlanta though. Many Africans are complaining that the two American aid workers with Ebola were treated with experimental drugs that were not first offered to Africans with Ebola. Get in line, Africa! We ALL want untested drugs but not all of us live in Colorado or Washington.  A West African child is the latest to be diagnosed with the deadly virus. Doctors told the boy, “You have Ebola.” The child responded, “That’s great! A bowl of what? I’m starving!”
Secretary of State John Kerry calls for fresh peace talks as Israel and Hamas meet in Cairo to talk peace. Wow. I’m gonna call for stuff that’s already happening to happen.
First the Ebola crisis, and now this! Geologists say that the severe California drought could destabilize the San Andreas Fault, thereby causing horrific earthquakes. Plagues, droughts and earthquakes? Are there any virgins we could sacrifice?*
And a few things you need to know …
On this date in 1890, the electric chair was used in New York for the very first time on convicted killer William Kemmler. Needless to say, he was shocked.
Syracuse University has been voted the nation's top party school. Because blacking out is the new 'Orange'. They were going to receive a trophy, but no one was sober enough to accept it.
And … The official dictionary of the board game Scrabble has added 5,000 new words, most of them invented by Sarah Palin.
 *Not in California
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08/06/2014 7:39AM
LMN 8-6-14 It's a lot LIKE news.
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