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LMN 9-4-14 Another crazy charity thing...

by Lisa Mason posted Sep 4 2014 8:29AM
I knew you could find the video online. It didn’t even take much searching, but in spite of the gruesome warnings, I watched it anyway. Man, that "Saved by the Bell" TV movie is HORRIBLE!

Vice President Joe Biden says that the Obama administration will follow ISIS "to the gates of Hell." Seeing as America seems to be going to Hell in a hand-basket, we're halfway there already. Seriously though, don't worry about America's safety. Even though the CIA totally missed the emergence of ISIS in Iraq, they're still on the job! They were the first to report the Brangelina marriage.

Fast food workers nationwide are calling for a walkout today over money. I'm all for raising the minimum wage for fast food workers as soon as ONE of them gets my order right. If you’re looking for a McJob, there’s about to be a lot of openings as these “protesters” will soon learn that, along with the right to whine, they also have the right to become unemployed.

Halliburton has agreed to pay $1.1 billion to settle claims from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Don't worry about Halliburton; their pockets are so deep, when reaching for the money, they struck oil again.

Apple's next big announcement that will make you regret buying a new phone last year is next Tuesday. When do they unveil the app that does my laundry?

More naked photos of celebrities are popping up on the Net. I just saw Lady Gaga with absolutely no food on her. Once again, we're reminded of that old saying: "Naked pictures of you can never leak online if they don't exist."

This week, all CVS stores and pharmacies began a policy of not selling cigarettes. So THAT'S why I've been noticing CVS employees smoking cigarettes behind the Walgreens dumpster.

Here’s the Exploding Head Story for today. The TV series “Sleepy Hollow” is in trouble because people are outraged that, with everything horrible happening in the Middle East, the show centers around … the Headless Horseman. The legend of a Headless Horseman was a thing long before Washington Irving’s story, it goes back to Celtic origins and people got beheaded back then too. But suddenly, we must avoid all mention of it because “that’s insensitive!” It’s the same reason I have to delete Aerosmith’s “Janie’s Got a Gun” from the daily playlist on the Eagle anytime there’s a high-profile shooting. People get offended. Somebody call WHINE - ONE- ONE. [RANT DELETED] Can we all just chill and stop being offended on behalf of everyone else. Let’s fight the REAL enemy: Lemurs.

And … I hate to ask you for anything but there’s a thing I’ve been asked to do. It’s for Laps for CF, the people who do so much work here locally for all aspects of Cystic Fibrosis. It’s a challenge called “Over the Edge” and if I raise $1000 by next Saturday, I get pushed off a tall building Downtown. I don’t WANT to get pushed off a tall building, but I’m sure plenty of you have, at some point, wanted to push me off of one. Then there’s THIS: While I only just started on the fundraiser, Rick and Bubba on my sister station have been doing this for a couple months and have raised THOUSANDS. I’m more afraid of looking like small change next to them than of falling off a building. Because MY listeners are cooler than theirs. If you could spare a buck, ATROX Factory in Leeds is matching my donations up to a point. So if you have a dollar left over after dumping ice on yourself, I would greatly appreciate the donation to CF. AND it means Paul from ATROX has to pay up. Here’s the link:
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09/04/2014 8:48AM
LMN 9-4-14 Another crazy charity thing...
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