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Lisa Mason's Morning News (10-1-13)

by Lisa Mason posted Oct 1 2013 8:13AM
This shutdown is doing strange things to people. I saw this picture of a hippy wearing green fur ears and gloves and thought “right on!” What’s this world coming to when I agree with a professional protester who probably smells lilke a hamster? Can I get a doctor’s appointment to check – oh probably not.  Anyway,  on to the news ...
Despite what we learned from Apollo 13, failure is ALWAYS an option!  Compromise, however, is not an option. America saved the world from Nazis, put a guy and a CAR on the Moon, yet we can’t get Congress and the White House to play like grown-ups.  President Obama is placing the blame squarely on House Republicans and you might be inclined to believe him. Just remember this; Obama will negotiate with the New Guy in charge of Iran, yet he won’t return calls from someone for whom Americans elected.  Why don’t we go ahead and call Vlad Putin, maybe he can broker a deal here.  
There was a scary moment after our lawmakers flat-out ignored the shutdown deadline in favor of schoolyard bickering and bitter whining, for once we all agree with each other. Even on the internet! It’s finally Us against Them, as it should be.  I had a frightening moment when I realized Harry Reid said something with which I agree. Harry said, ““This is a tragic day for Americans.” He’s right! It’s tragic that we ever elected this group of stooges.  I also agree with Obama when he said, “one faction of one party can’t shut the government down.” You’re right, BO. It takes all factions from all parties.
Just curious, is it a safe idea to shut down NASA when we’ve had two unannounced meteors burning up in the atmosphere right over Alabama? Could we maybe set aside a few bucks for someone to keep an eye out?
I’m so sick of the shutdown already – so I’ll just stop. There is a positive aspect of it, though; our payments to China will stop, plus Congress can't raise taxes if they’re not working. Sure national parks are closed but if you’re just dying to see Yosemite, just jump the fence. It’s not like there’s anyone there to stop you.  
Today is opening day of the Obamacare health care exchanges. If you’re already insured or on Medicare, then you don’t have to do a thing. Just pretend you’re in Congress. Remember, Obamacare does NOT cover busting your butt. If you are and you have, you don’t qualify.
Shelby County is renewing it’s efforts to crack down on meth, with their anti-smurfing campaign. Well smurf me in the smurfy! That’s smurfalicious!
And a few things you need to know…
It's the first day of October, which of course, means it's time for stores to get out those Valentine's Day decorations. 
On this date in 1971, Walt Disney World opened for the first time in Florida. Until that time, Super Bowl winners only had one place to go.   
The number one movie over the weekend was "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2." The number last movie was a documentary about the government, "Inefficient with a chance of shutting down."  
The price of a USA Today at the newsstand went up Monday from $1.00 to $2.00. Now, why would I pay $2.00 for the USA Today when it's actually the USA Yesterday?
A crafty fox has started stealing golf balls from the Verbier Golf Course in Switzerland. Caught on camera the fox can be heard saying “Ka ka ka kaka kaka KAW!” And also “Wha papa pa pa pa POW!”
And … Who you gonna call? Cher says she’s being haunted and that she believes it’s her ex-husband Sony Bono.  Couldn't it just be old, discarded body parts that are haunting Cher? Sony's probably mad because he can't find his daughter, Chastity, and he doesn't recognize most of his ex-wife.
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10/01/2013 8:22AM
Lisa Mason's Morning News (10-1-13)
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