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Lisa Mason's Morning News (9-6-13) No witty title.

by Lisa Mason posted Sep 6 2013 7:32AM
I’ve included a handy map of the “new and improved” Highway 280 in today’s news. Take note of the new features and try to figure out how to turn left.
Just asking, when are we going to set a “red line” for the clowns in DC? I don't think our lawmakers are taking the crisis in Syria seriously. Not only was Sen. John McCain caught playing video poker during the Senate hearings, when Secretary of State John Kerry said “President Bashar al-Assad must adhere to international norms,”  all of the senate shouted, "Norm!" 
The wife of Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman has filed for divorce. Apparently, she's replacing stand by your man with stand by your grounds for divorce.
Jewish people are observing Rosh Hashanah, the first of the high holy days, until nightfall tonight. In a related story, NFL fans celebrated their first high holy day last night. The NFL season is underway … which for Miami dolphins like myself means little to nothing.  
Tens of thousands of gold miners walked off the job this week in South Africa. No word yet how this will affect right-wing radio sponsors.    
And a few things you need to know…
On this date in 1620, the Mayflower left England, bound for the New World with 102 Pilgrims. Their goal was to try and reach the New World by Thanksgiving. What they actually found wasn't a New World -- it was more like hardly used world, with low miles.  
On this date in 1948, Queen Juliana of the Netherlands received her crown. The dentist warned her that if she didn't start brushing regularly, she'd have to get more.
In 1716, the first lighthouse in the United States was turned on in Boston. This amazing new invention allowed ships to actually see the rocks they were about to smash into. 
"Star Wars" creator George Lucas recently invested $10-million in Starbucks. Yep, he walked into a store with only 50 customers in it and bought them all a round of cappuccinos. I remember my Dad telling me that a cup of coffee used to cost a quarter. Of course, that was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.
Fans of the book, "50 Shades of Grey" are upset about the choices for the main characters in the movie version. One person called the decisions "abusive" and he used the safe word, "recast."
And … a new report says 60 percent of teenagers don't have even a basic knowledge of finances. 9 out of every 7 says it's because they're bad with math.
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09/06/2013 7:34AM
Lisa Mason's Morning News (9-6-13) No witty title.
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09/06/2013 2:01PM
It's rare you read a blog that fits in references to both right-wing radio sponsors AND Fifty Shades of Grey...
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