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Lisa's Morning News (11-11-13) Celebrating America's vetrans with ... matress sa

by Lisa Mason posted Nov 11 2013 8:08AM
Today is "Veterans Day!" That day every year that we honor the men and women who served this country by having mattress sales. Because nothing says "freedom and sacrifice" like a new matress pad.

A State Department private security official who claimed on "60 Minutes" last Sunday that he fought off attackers during the 2012 raid on the Benghazi embassy has admitted he lied and wasn't even there. And man is this guy ever a lying liar! He also claimed he told injured Benghazi Embassy employees they could keep their health insurance plans under ObamaCare.

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump met with the legendary Reverend Billy Graham last week to help him celebrate his 95th birthday. There were several minutes of confusing and disjointed babbling, and then Rev. Graham responded.

A New York City cabdriver has been fired after he kicked 2 men out of the back of his cab for kissing in the backseat. That is THE least offensive thing you'll find in the backseat of most New York City cabs!
Penn State University wanted a certain Secretary of State to serve as their new president, but Condoleezza Rice has turned them down. Maybe she’s holding out for the ASU job?

A Montgomery area man was attacked by one of his pet deer, and now faces charges. State wildlife officials charged Julius Dunsmore with illegally possessing seven deer, after he was mauled and partially blinded by a buck. Authorities killed the deer. They are awaiting lab results to determine if the animals are tasty.

And a few things you need to know…

It was part of the Occupy: New World protest.  On this date in 1620, 41 Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower, anchored just off Massachusetts, signed a compact calling for "just and equal laws." Of course, the fine print said, "For us, not for them."

In case you needed to shake your head again … Tom Cruise is defending himself after he was reported as saying his work as an actor is as hard as fighting in Afghanistan. I don’t know about that, but watching him talk to the press could give you PTSD.  Meanwhile, Tom has filed a $50-million-dollar lawsuit against two tabloid publishers for saying that after his divorce from Katie Holmes; he cut his daughter Suri out of his life. Tom's right! He didn't cut Suri out of his life. That clever little girl escaped!

Pope Francis will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting at the Vatican over thanksgiving. Advice to the Pope; let Putin kiss your ring, but don't take it off your finger. Ask Bill Belichick where his Superbowl ring went.
Los Angeles is reviving plans to install free Wi-Fi Internet access the city. This means that when your mugger steals your wallet and keys, soon he'll be able to instantly Google directions to your house.
A terrible situation in the Philippines; Friday’s super Typhoon has left behind destruction on an apocalyptic scale. Some in the Internet Tin Foil hat crowd are blaming the storm on God, the Devil, climate change and the fact that Nick Saban was actually seen laughing after the LSU game. Signs and portents …

And … thoughts and virtual hugs go out to the family and friends of broadcaster David McDaniel. “Big Dave” was killed in a car accident over the weekend, and will be sorely missed by us here at Summit Media. Dave always laughed at my hack news jokes, even the truly awful ones. Bye, Dave. Thank you for being one of the Good Guys.  
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11/11/2013 8:08AM
Lisa's Morning News (11-11-13) Celebrating America's vetrans with ... matress sales? Why is this a t
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