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Lisa's Morning News (11-18-13) "I wish I'd brought MY chewing towel to the AU ga

by Lisa Mason posted Nov 18 2013 8:14AM
The Midwest begins picking up the pieces after monster storms devastated numerous communities in several states. Major props go to a news team in Peoria, Illinois who interrupted their own report to seek shelter. The anchors are live, warning their viewers to immediately seek shelter, when the news director tells them THEY need to head for cover as well. And they do. Here’s the link: Why is this a thing? Because we never see it happen. We’re used to local reporters and chuckleheads on the Weather Channel standing in dangerous weather just to show us, yes it’s dangerous, yes, it’s raining. Or staying on TV to fear-monger about a possible new storm forming elsewhere when there’s an F5 headed your way. If I see a weather guy suddenly take cover, I’m going to listen to that guy because he’s smart AND considerate. Plus, if you stay on the air running your mouth about safety – remember the producer, camera guy, intern and computer staff who you are putting at risk because you NEED them in order to get your face time in. Props to Peoria.  What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. It’s a very bad situation in the Midwest, so please spare a good thought for the people there.
Rumors are flying that President Obama is under so much pressure from the botched health care rollout, he's smoking again. Don’t worry, Michelle has him trying to beat the habit. The president is now stitching a nicotine patch quilt.  
Thanksgiving is coming: the day we all gather together with our families to give thanks that we made it through that Auburn/Georgia game without having a stroke.  Meanwhile, the Crimson Tide is catching flak for Saturday’s boring game against Mississippi State. But when you think about it, you can’t expect too much. Bama’s first string doesn’t have that much practice – they always get pulled and never play 4 full quarters. 
Back on the Thanksgiving thing, I forgot all about it. I missed the signs that Thanksgiving was almost here. Several neighbors have their Christmas lights up, it starts getting dark at lunch and I’m almost done sneaking the leaves from my yard into the neighbor's yard. Granted, I don’t usually really realize it’s Thanksgiving till I see that giant balloon of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie going down the street on TV. Oh, wait. That IS Chris Christie.
A North Carolina police officer conducting a concealed weapon gun safety class is being criticized for recommending that gun owners store loaded weapons underneath their beds, even in homes with children and pets. I would never store loaded guns under my bed because I'm pretty sure there are monsters under there. What am I'm going to do, arm them?
If you’re dying to relive the Kennedy assassination, is streaming their original coverage of the event in real time. 50 years later, plans to build a bullet-proof Kennedy are still on the drawing table.  
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says that he considers himself a good role model for kids. To which, child actors replied, "Yeah, I can totally see that."
China is again saying they will change their one-child-only-or-death policy. Worried parents with one child asked, "We're talking about revising it upwards, right?"
And a few things you need to know …

On this date in 1883, standard time zones were established across the entire U.S, so our entire population could complain about how it gets dark so early at the same time.
On this date in 1820, Antarctica was discovered by Captain Nathaniel B. Palmer. Forgive me for not being too impressed, but exactly how hard was it to find a continent? Like, if he didn't, someone else wouldn't have?
Caught off guard coming back from a commercial break, CNN anchor John Berman accidentally opened a live news segment saying the words, "Effed it up," only he said the actual "F-Word."  The FCC says they won’t issue a fine, since Berman dropped his F-Bomb on CNN, nobody heard it.
So you can make other plans, there will be a Kardashian Christmas Special on E! December 1st. You’ve been warned.
They may get some precipitation in New York City today, where it hasn't rained since Labor Day. The good news -- no one has to put up with the smell of wet mugger. The Hudson River is even down a couple inches. They were THIS close to finding Jimmy Hoffa! Many thought the river was down because of Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on containers holding more than 16-ounces.
And … the new gaming consoles are making a huge retail splash. Eh. I'll consider a Playstation 4 or an Xbox One right after I master this Atari thing.
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11/18/2013 8:13AM
Lisa's Morning News (11-18-13) "I wish I'd brought MY chewing towel to the AU game."
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