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Lisa's Morning News 12-3-13 Now with BCS predictions!

by Lisa Mason posted Dec 3 2013 7:04AM
Investigators continue probing the death of Roger Rodas. The race enthusiast was killed Saturday, along with a friend, in his 2005 Porsche Carrera GT. He leaves behind a wife and two young children.  
The Senate is discussing Amazon’s plans for drone delivery. Great, while they’re at it maybe they can figure out how to offer health care plans on since THAT site can handle the web traffic without crashing.
Having nothing else to do, President Obama has signed a bill allowing 300 research chimps to retire. Hey! What about one of those for congress?
Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are now in the record books. How much did I spend? Where did I shop? Welcome to None of Your Business Tuesday! It’s nice to see Small Business Saturday growing in popularity. Thanks to the economy, it now includes a lot of former big businesses. 
The New England Patriots are again being accused of spying, since they seemed to know precisely what the Huston Texans were going to do before each snap. The Texans have lost 10 games in a row, so the ONLY people who don’t know what they’ll do before each snap are, in fact, the Huston Texans.
Dozens of passengers on a weekend U.S. Airways flight have to get tuberculosis tests after a passenger with a drug-resistant form of the disease was removed from the plane in Phoenix. No one noticed Fly-Phoid Harry boarding the plane, the TSA was too busy worrying about passengers with a shampoo bottles over 3 ounces.
Three men are being questioned in the death of a fan after a struggle in the parking lot after Sunday's Bronco/Chiefs game. The suspects are hoping Patriots coach Bill Belichick has super-secret-spy video that will exonerate them.
And a few things you need to know …
On this date in 1828, $20 bill model Andrew Jackson was elected president of the United States and became the most famous member of the Jackson family. 
It was on this date in 1621, Galileo invented the telescope. The following day, his neighbor invented the bathroom curtain.  
Pope Francis told parishioners in Rome that he once worked as a nightclub bouncer in Buenos Aires. No wonder Catholics have wine at Mass. There's a 2-drink minimum!
Just guessing at this point, but I'd say the first non-turkey meal at your house will probably roll around on Thursday. 
Along with Kicker Cade Foster, the freshman Tide kicker who missed a the final field goal of the Iron Bowl is receiving very nasty death threats. It's gotten so bad, even Richie Incognito is saying this kind of behavior is despicable.
And … Not to keep on about the Iron Bowl BUT -- If you knew someone who wanted their ashes scattered at Jordan Hare Stadium, a crew cleaned them up already. Cremated human remains were found on the field following Saturday’s Tiger victory. The Turf Crew ID’d them, not some forensics team, because the crew has seen ashes dumped on the field twice before. This year.

Now let the crazed speculation begin! If Michigan State beats Ohio State and Duke pulls off a miracle against Florida State, then Bama could move up to the top two to face either Auburn or Missouri for the BCS. BUT ONLY if Hershel returns as a walker on the “Walking Dead” and if the Birmingham Water Works raises rates. Here’s a handy chart:
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12/03/2013 7:06AM
Lisa's Morning News 12-3-13 Now with BCS predictions!
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