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Lisa's Morning News "Happy 11-12-13. What happens at 14:15:16?"

by Lisa Mason posted Nov 12 2013 7:24AM
A second storm makes landfall in the Philippines about 290 miles from areas hardest hit by super-typhoon Haiyan. As a terrible bonus, devastated regions were also rattled by a small earthquake. George Clooney says the devastation is a direct result of Global Warming. See? THIS is why I never made it big as an actress: I don’t have the necessary climatology science background. It’s required! After flattening the Philippines, Typhoon Haiyan headed to Vietnam. Haiyan had to hit Vietnam after attempts to get into Canada were deemed impossible.

The 77-foot Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree arrived over the weekend. It won’t be lit until December 4th so until then, if you're at Rockefeller Center and you want to see something that's completely lit, you'll have to settle for Kathie Lee or Hoda. Seriously, if I drank half as much as those gals during MY morning show ... actually never mind. It might help!

A New York man who was kicked out of a hipster indie band shot and killed the other band members and then killed himself. Prosecutors are still trying to decide if any crimes were committed.

And a few things you need to know …

On this date in 1892, William Heffelfinger became the first professional football player, when he was given $25, a cash bonus of $500 and a promise that when Nike's were invented, he'd get an endorsement deal. $525 total? Today, that wouldn’t even pay for regulation shoes.  

In 1946 on this date, the very first artificial snow was created at a ski area. It resulted in the first-ever artificial broken leg. 

Disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding turns 43 today. It was like a bad game of Clue! She did it with the lead pipe... against Nancy Kerrigan... in the knees.  

It's a pretty strange coincidence, but Eminem's childhood home, the same one pictured on the cover of his brand-new album, was damaged by fire last week. The house is in Detroit, how can they tell there was a fire? I don't know if this was just a publicity stunt, but when the guy who called 911 was asked to identify himself he kept saying, "Hi, my name is - what, my name is -who, my name is - Slim Shady."

It’s a big wedding day today for those who need an anniversary that’s easy to remember. Today’s date is 11-12-13 so guys you’re running out of time to both propose AND get hitched in order to avoid those tricky anniversary dates. You can even impress your spouse by remembering the exact TIME of your wedding, if you hold it at 14:15:16. Thank me later.

And … the new "Thor" movie is supposed to be pretty good. I want to see it on Thorsday with all the other people who think they’re clever. I was surprised the new Thor film did well at the box office, with Minnesota at 2-7, Viking gods don't seem to be all they're cracked up to be.

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11/12/2013 7:24AM
Lisa's Morning News "Happy 11-12-13. What happens at 14:15:16?"
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