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Lisa's Morning News "I Know What You Did Last Shutdown."

by Lisa Mason posted Oct 7 2013 7:03AM
Welcome to Shutdown week 2. There’s no end in sight and Congress is starring down the barrel of an October 17 deadline to increase the nation's borrowing power or risk default. House speaker John Bohner says there MUST be negotiations and that President Obama has his number.*
I have to admit -- the government is doing a fantastic job of convincing me that we might not really need them ever again. Who would've ever guessed that the U.S. government would cease operations before the WNBA did? For the non-essential government employees sent home during the shutdown, I don't know what's worse -- being sent home or realizing that everyone feels you're non-essential.
The most curious aspect of the Shutdown is, who made all the “this park/monument/building is closed due to the government shutdown” signs? They got those signs printed and posted immediately, that’s nearly impossible! How much was the overnight printing job? I couldn’t get Kinko’s to correlate something yesterday because the guy who fixes that machine was on break. Shutting down monuments is apparently easier.
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin says the new movie "Gravity" "accurately portrays the reality of zero gravity." Not as well as the approval rating for congress and President Obama does, but pretty close. 
Wal-Mart has apologized for selling Osama bin Laden Halloween costumes and they've pulled them from the shelves. The costumes won't go to waste though. They're just cutting off the turbans and re-marketing them as "Duck Dynasty" costumes.
And a few things you need to know…
On this date in 1916, Georgia Tech defeated Cumberland University in college football 222-0, in Atlanta. Georgia Tech scored so many times they had to re-sod the end zone.
A new study says 5-billion people will be using mobile phones by the year 2017. The really bad news: over your lifetime, 4.5-milliion of them will be on their phones behind you in a movie theater.
Did you hear this? Sinead O'Connor is suing Miley Cyrus, and Alex Rodriguez is suing Major League Baseball. It's very difficult finding somebody to root for here.
And … there’s not enough cheese in your life. Pizza Hut is coming out with a pizza that has a three cheese crust. So, cheese, on the top, cheese in the crust, chese on top of the cheese in the crust. Would it not be easier to just eat cheese?
*So call me maybe?
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10/07/2013 7:03AM
Lisa's Morning News "I Know What You Did Last Shutdown."
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