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Lisa's Morning News "Say 'glitch' again." 11-8-13

by Lisa Mason posted Nov 8 2013 7:10AM
The Obama administration thought THEY had a glitch problem? Get this, a glitch on the Wal-Mart website on Wednesday listed amazing deals like treadmills for $33 and computer monitors for $9. Someone noticed the glitch … and fixed it. The White House was stunned at the news since “glitch-fixing” is apparently the modern equivalent of witchcraft.  Funny that the treadmills were listed as $33, since that’s the price you’d sell the $400 thing for on Craigslist after you don’t use it for 3 years.
In other glitch news, the North Carolina Department of Transportation is apologizing (slightly) for their computerized traffic message system. They system sends out emails and Tweets with important traffic updates. One of the messages listed the cause of an accident as "women drivers and Obamacare."  The message was blamed on a glitch ... which has been fixed. Whaaaaat? Someone else fixed a website problem? Look for the DC Glitch Trials to start in 3 …2…
President Obama says he’s “sorry” Americans are losing health insurance plans he repeatedly said they could keep. He’s sorrier that he ever promised we could keep our plans in the first place. Mr. Obama is vowing to work with those who are in a “tough situation” as a result of the lie. So if you need assistance, just call Barak at (800) 318-2596.
Love trans-fat? The FDA says you can’t have it anymore and it will be banned. If the FDA wants to regulate Trans Fat fine, but they better stay away from fat trannies. I like my "Rocky Horror Picture Show" fan nights JUST the way they are.    
Hillary Clinton is considered the "inevitable" 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee, and once again, Bill Clinton is expected to deliver votes for his spouse, especially from the African-American community. It's not a done deal. Even though Bill Clinton was known as "the first black President," many  civil rights leaders ask Bill, "Why'd you marry that crabby white lady?"
Marvel Comics has a new character! The new Ms. Marvel is a Muslim teenage girl. Like Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel can fly, but only after the TSA pulls her aside for a body cavity search.
And a few things you need to know …

On this date in 1793, the Louvre Museum in Paris opened to the public for the very first time. The biggest sellers that day were t-shirts that said, "Louvre the one you're with."
In 1837 on this date, Mount Holyoke Seminary opened and became our first college for women. Obviously, their football team didn't win a single game that season.
On this date in 1895, Wilhelm Rontgen discovered the X-ray. I feel sorry for the poor stooges who discovered the A through W rays and didn't get any fame for it. 
Illinois is now the 15th state to legalize same-sex marriage. Gay people thanked all the dead Chicago voters for putting the new law over the top.
The European Space Agency has chosen the German company OHB as the prime contractor, for the "Galileo" project! This will launch 30 satellites into medium Earth orbit. OHB landed the contract because they have the "Reich" stuff.
An increasing number of hospitals are treating patients for Internet addiction. No way!  I'm so going to go Google that!   
A meteor shower was visible over Los Angeles this week. It was the first shower many LA residents have had in ages. 
And … Some leading health experts believe being an NFL coach might be the most stressful job in America. Especially an NFL coach in charge of the Obamacare website. 
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11/08/2013 7:09AM
Lisa's Morning News "Say 'glitch' again." 11-8-13
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