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Lisa's (short) Morning News 12-4-13

by Lisa Mason posted Dec 4 2013 7:12AM
Short news today due to poor time management. Hey! At this rate I could be the next Les Miles … or Nick Saban!
The big story in the news is about that huge, horrible train wreck. But enough about  
Hard to believe it's just three weeks from yesterday I'll be starting my Christmas shopping.
A new survey claims that the U.S. is the 73rd most corrupt country in the world. I'll bet we could buy our way down to 75th.
Did you know that the University of Oregon football team wore a different uniform for every game this season? It was incredible. Each successive uniform uglier than the previous one.
Bob Dylan has been cited by France for "incitement to hatred" for comparing Croatians to Nazis. It was either that or he compared crustacean to nachos, hard to tell with that guy.
And a few things you need to know …
It was on this date in 1918, President Wilson became the first American president to travel outside of the United States. Which is surprising, considering that for most of the earlier presidents, "outside of the United States" was right here.
Back in 1816 on this date, James Monroe was elected president over Rufus King. We were THIS close to having a president named "Rufus!" 
Seattle Seahawks fans made such a ruckus celebrating their rout of the New Orleans Saints Monday night that it registered as a small earthquake. Just out of habit the Mayor of New Orleans applied for federal disaster relief.
And if you missed it -- Pope Francis told a crowd in Rome that he once worked as a bouncer in a Buenos Ares nightclub. The Pope? A bouncer? You know what they say, “When God closes a door because you don't pass the dress code, you have to go through a window.”
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12/04/2013 7:13AM
Lisa's (short) Morning News 12-4-13
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