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LMN 3-17-15 Erin Go Bragh!

Sláinte! Today is the anniversary of the death of St. Patrick, who, according to legend, drove all the snakes out of Ireland. Of course, that was back when gas was only 1 cent a litre so he

LMN 3-16-15 Lisa’s Morning News

It’s St. Patrick’s Day Eve! Do you lose your dignity tonight or in the morning? It’s also the day to get out and hit those “After the Ides of March” sales. The terror group Boko Haram has

LMN 3-10-15 News to nap with!

There are some new Apple thingies hitting the market, which means your old Apple thingies now look completely junky and dull. The awesome new Apple thingies do the same things as your crappy old Apple thingies, but

LMN 3-2-15 What does the Spock say?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses Congress tomorrow. He’s expected to settle, once and for all, what colour that stupid dress is. The first Dallas nurse to contract Ebola is suing the hospital, saying they didn’t do

LMN 2-24-15 Snow makes me angry.

With the threat of snow continuing, crazed shoppers have turned the milk and bread aisles of Publix into their own personal Benghazi. I always buy MY milk sandwiches pre-made. I don’t want to issue an ultimatum here

LMN 2-20-15 Let it NO.

Police in Harlan, Kentucky have issued an arrest warrant for Queen Elsa from “Frozen.” I guess there’s not enough true love in the nation to thaw it out. That’s cute, but please Let it Go. Nearly 200


Already we have travel disruptions because a blizzard is going to hit New York later. They’re calling it Winter Storm 2015. Uh, it’s only January, what happens if there’s ANOTHER winter storm this year? Alabama’s ban on