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LMN 1-27-15 TL;DR– Bergdahl Doubles-down with Aliens on Facebook.

LMN 1-27-15 TL;DR– Bergdahl Doubles-down with Aliens on Facebook.

LMN 1-27-15 TL;DR– Bergdahl Doubles-down with Aliens on Facebook.

New York was told they’d get three feet of global warming, instead they only got about 5 inches. Sorry – my favorite part of winter is still not living in New York.

The 11th US Circuit Court has until February 9th to decide what to do about the overturned ban on same-sex marriage in Alabama. C’mon, Gay Divorce Court would be an awesome show! The argument against overturning the ban is that marriage in America is a sacred institution. Yeah? Allow me to present everyone who has ever been on an episode of “The Bachelor.” Yeesh.  It’s the obsession with shows like that that the aliens refuse to talk to us.

The federal government has asked Disney to make a “Frozen” spin off warning kids about global warming. Because doom and gloom go well with a top 40 hit.  

Remember the Facebook fights surrounding Bowe Bergdahl? The guy who got himself captured by the Taliban and for whom 5 terrorists were freed from Gitmo? I saved hundreds of dollars on Christmas presents because of the defriending that took place during a Bergdahl debate. Anyway, he will be charged with desertion. No clue if that’s us or the Taliban bringing the charges against him. There will be a court martial, but the WH is trying to keep it on the down-low since we now know we traded FIVE of their guys to get ONE of their guys.

A mystery radio signal has been picked up in deep space. The main thing that makes me believe in UFO’s/aliens is sometimes I lose stuff that I had in my hand not three seconds ago. MUST be aliens.

And a few things you need to know…

It was on this date back in 1662 that the lime was first introduced to America. It wasn't until 250 years that the lemon arrived in the U.S., on a Detroit assembly line.

In 1948, the very first tape recorder was sold. We offer that option with this show, but no one takes us up on the offer. Except the NSA.

Sports Illustrated has laid off all its staff photographers. This year's Swimsuit Issue could be entirely selfies.

While you may never actually want to unboil an egg, it can be done. Researchers in the US and Australia have found a way to do so with a primary ingredient from urine.  Great – who needed that cure for cancer anyway?

KFC is out with their new “double down dog.” A hotdog with a bun made of fried chicken and topped with gooey cheese sauce. The real injustice here is A) It is only available in the Philippines and B) they didn’t wrap it in bacon.

AND … Facebook went down for an hour last night. Worldwide, social media addicts had to print out pictures of themselves and hold them up to total strangers while screaming, “DO YOU LIKE THIS?”

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