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Collection of Classic Rock Screams

Collection of Classic Rock Screams

Leave it to a scream to take a song to the next level. A chill inducing scream that can make the listener raise a fist and scream in response.

With The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, Roger Daltrey gives us not one, but two classic screams. The first midway through is rousing enough, but the scream near the end of the song is the scream of all classic rock screams.

Then there’s Joe Cocker. You can’t have a Joe Cocker highlight or a Woodstock highlight for that matter without Joe’s scream from “With A Little Help From My Friends”.

The Beatles scream at the beginning of “Revolution” signaled the start of a new, distorted sounding era.

Then there’s Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin whose legendary screams and wails land the band two spots on the list.

Enjoy all the spine tingling screams on this first of many more classic rock lists to come.

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