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Vinyl Selection: ‘The Cars’ by The Cars

Vinyl Selection: ‘The Cars’ by The Cars

One of the greatest debut albums of all time, The Cars self-titled 1978 record could have been a greatest hits album.  Successfully blending a burgeoning New Wave sound and scene with radio friendly pop hits that would create a string of catchy singles.  The three opening tracks; “Good Times Roll”, “My Best Friend’s Girl”, and “Just What I Needed” would each crack the Top 40 respectively.

All nine songs contained the perfect mixture of catchy rock melody and new wave charm to not only confuse music fans of the late 70s, but win them over as well.  The album ultimately became an instant hit, driving straight to the Top 20.

From ‘Good Times Roll’ to ‘All Mixed Up’, join Ricky Aaron as he guides you through the debut from The Cars for this week’s Vinyl Selection!

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