Vinyl Selection: ‘Escape’ by Journey

Vinyl Selection: ‘Escape’ by Journey

Released in July of 1981, Journey’s seventh studio album would go on to top the Billboard 200, spawn four top singles, and launch the already successful group into super stardom.  It didn’t come without some alterations, however.

This was the fourth album to feature vocalist Steve Perry, who joined the group in 1977  for the fourth album, ‘Infinity’.  By this album, it was Jonathan Cain on the keyboards who would take the place as the new guy, replacing co-founder Gregg Rolie.

With his introduction to the group, the trio of Cain, Perry, and founder/guitarist Neal Schon found unmatched chemistry.  They emerged into the music world with a string of successful singles, including the now-anthem, “Don’t Stop Believing”, which according to Schon earns the band as much as three times the amount of any other catalog song.

Join Ricky Aaron as he covers the album for this week’s Vinyl Selection!

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