Vinyl Selection: ‘A Night at the Opera’ by Queen

Vinyl Selection: ‘A Night at the Opera’ by Queen

Queen’s fourth studio album, ‘A Night at the Opera’, came in November of 1975.  They were coming off a successfull third album in ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ the year prior, but they were broke.  They hadn’t seen much of the money made with their previous releases due to a terrible contract and as a result, they sought out new management.

That frustration was immortalized in what would become the opening track on their new album under new manager, John Reid.

The band recorded their fourth album throught seven different studios over the course of four months, right up until it’s release in late November.  With each member contributing their song writing abilities, the album became a smash and their biggest album of all time.

From “Death on Two Legs” to “God Save the Queen”, join Ricky Aaron as he covers the entire album for this week’s Vinyl Selection!

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